Difference Between Poster and Banner

What is a Poster?

 A poster is a large printed paper that is designed to be attached to a wall or other vertical surface. Posters can typically include both graphics and text; however, they can also be completely textual or graphical. They are usually designed to be attractive and informative at the same time. Since posters are printed on paper, they are cost effective, but they also don’t last long outdoors.

Posters are used for many purposes. They are intended to act as notices or advertisements. They can advertise various events, films, musical shows and they are also used by protestors, propagandists and similar groups trying to communicate a message to the public. There are different types of posters. Some of these include

Political posters, which are used as propaganda

Movie posters, which advertise a newly released film

Event posters, which advertise concerts, boxing matches, etc.

Pin-up posters and band/music posters which are used for promotional purposes.

What is a Banner

A banner is a long strip of cloth or vinyl bearing or design. They are carried in demonstrations, protests or processions or are hung in a public place. They are also used by companies to market their products and services. Banners can be found as billboards, behind window screens, on skyscrapers, and even towed by helicopters. They are often hung much higher than posters.

Banners often contain only a few words such as a slogan. The size of the font is also large. This is probably because they are hung in places where people move quickly. Banners also often stand alone, which make them more noticeable.

When compared to posters, banners are much larger in size. They are rectangular in size and the banners that are hung from someplace are often longer in height. Although banners are more expensive to produce, they are more durable since they are made from vinyl.

At a glance, they’re not all that different in form, but the differing compositions of posters and banners have differing pros and cons.  on the other hand, are printed on vinyl and are much more durable outside but are more expensive to produce than posters. Banners can also be printed in much larger sizes, as well as hung from banner posts. Thus, posters are the better choice when repetition is crucial because they can be massed produced and distributed everywhere on the cheap. Banners are a better choice when you need to be seen by an extra-large audience (such as at a concert), you’ll be hanging your promos outdoors in the elements (opt for mesh vinyl to reduce wind damage), or you’ll be using your banner repeatedly for many months (or even years), such as with traveling shows.

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